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Attorney General Eric Holder Addresses West Point

Eric Holder's Rule of Law Address
by Karma, excerpted from The DAILY KOS
Thu Apr 16, 2009 at 10:43:47 AM EDT

For those interested, I've posted some of the text from Eric Holder's "Rule of Law" address given last night at the Thayer Hotel, West Point. [note: full text of address is available on DOJ site at: ]

I am heartened that this kind of a speech was taken to the heart of our military and that it honors the people from within the military that stood up to the Bush administration.

It is overall a speech that champions progressive ideals, with undertones of a conflict that I've suspected exists from the beginning, simply, having allowed the Bush administration to completely abrogate all moral, international and constitutional responsibilities in the handling of their global war on everyone...what do we do now about the actual terrorists?


Key excerpts:

There are some today who argue that as the most powerful military force on earth, international laws will only hinder our efforts and endanger our strength. But I reject the very premise of that argument. Even before the first Geneva conventions were signed, the United States long advocated for international laws and organizations to govern the conduct of all nations, recognizing that our strength as a country is amplified - not diminished - when we expand the sphere of the rule of law across the globe.

Our nation's military is also home to the Judge Advocate General Corps, a team of lawyers long admired for their zealous representation of their clients, but whose integrity and courage has been demonstrated anew in recent years. History has often shown that it is during the throes of battle that the rule of law is most easily abandoned. But the JAG Corps has proven time and again that their commitment to duty never wavers.

In our current struggle against international terrorism, when others surrendered faithful obedience to the law to the circumstances of the time, it was the brave men and women in the JAG Corps who stood up against the tides, many times risking their careers to do so. We all can learn from their example.

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