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Harvard professor Michael J. Sandel is a world-renowned political philosopher.

This summer he was asked by the BBC to give four lectures on the prospect of a new politics of the common good.
In this electrifying presentation (he's that good) at George Washington University Prof. Sandel makes the case for a moral and civic renewal in democratic politics.

Here's his lecture: A New Politics of the Public Good:

If you don't have time for a full lecture, this lecture is broken up into 5 minute nuggets:

Prof. Sandel's latest book, Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do? is available this September 17th.


War Crimes
The Unitary Executive
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This is just a glimpse of the Website the ACLU launched last week:


Restore the Rule of Law


Why does accountability matter?
What can I do to demand it?
See the evidence of torture

We are finally beginning to learn the full scope of the Bush administration's torture program. Government documents show that hundreds of prisoners were tortured in the custody of the CIA and Department of Defense, some of them killed in the course of interrogations. Justice Department memos show that the torture policies were devised and developed at the highest levels of the Bush administration.

The ACLU is committed to restoring the rule of law. We will fight for the disclosure of the torture files that are still secret. We will advocate for the victims of the Bush administration's unlawful policies. We will press Congress to appoint a select committee that can investigate the roots of the torture program and recommend legislative changes to ensure that the abuses of the last eight years are not repeated. And we will advocate for the appointment of an independent prosecutor to examine issues of criminal responsibility.

We can't sweep the abuses of the last eight years under the rug. Accountability for torture is a legal, political, and moral imperative.

Torture Photo Release Decision Should Be Left To Courts, Says ACLU


Submit evidence of torture to the Department of Justice >>
Tools to help you fight for accountability for torture >>

torture foia Freedom of Information Act litigation that has yielded over 100,000 pages of government documents concerning the treatment of prisoners in U.S. custody overseas. Documents obtained by the ACLU include the infamous "torture memos" which provided the legal justification for the CIA's torture program. MORE >>
Ali v. Rumsfeld et al A civil lawsuit seeking damages on behalf of nine men who were tortured in U.S. custody in Iraq and Afghanistan. MORE >>
Mohammed et al. v. Jeppesen A civil lawsuit that seeks to hold Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen DataPlan Inc. liable for its knowing participation in the "extraordinary rendition" of five men. MORE >>

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