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The American Civil Liberties Union
In addition to specific information on the Military Commissions Act, the ACLU has extensive information available related to illegal detention, suppression of dissent, ending secrecy, surveillance, torture, and more.  The website includes fact sheets, legal and legislative documents.

The American Freedom Campaign
The American Freedom Campaign is a citizens initiative to limit undue Executive power, clearly outlaw torture, and hold those who have violated basic civil liberties accountable.

The Center for Constitutional Rights
CCR has ongoing initiatives to end torture, rendition and illegal detention and is actively involved
in restoring the right to due process, fi ling countless cases on behalf of detainees and others swept up in the Bush administration’s post-911 policies.

Blackwater Watch
This grassroots organization is engaged in a variety of actions designed to keep in check the use of military contractors by and in the United States.

Jeremy Scahill.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army (Nation Books, 2007) – A detailed account of one of the nation’s largest military contractors.

Corpwatch gathers news stories and prepares reports documenting abuses by companies profiting from war.  Look under the issue heading “War and Disaster Profiteering.”

The Constitutional Rights Foundation
CRF’s website provides key background information on relevant legislation, including overviews, public
opinion polls, debate summaries, dates and more.

The American Library Association
Local librarians can be good allies on issues related to free speech.  The American Library Association has adopted a variety of policies and resolutions related to libraries, free speech, and requirements that they turn over records of library patrons without a warrant.